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UBUD means medicine in the local Balinese language. Spending time here is a unique healing experience for the mind, body and soul. The spirits of the land serve you the experience that uniquely foster your personal growth, rejuvenation and move all healing. 

Nestled amid rice fields on sacred land ontop of  Ubud's revered Campuhan rivers, AYULA VILLA is the perfect sanctuary to centre and anchor ones soul. It is an enchanting abode that immediately feels like home. It is a space beyond a place in which one wants to immerse and that one finds hard to leave. The healing energies of this holy piece of land can be felt as soon as you step on to the AYULA property.

AYULA VILLA is the secret hideaway for anyone who wants to decompress, seeks relief from stress, while detoxing, rejuvenating, indulging, eating  &  feeling yourself towards your true authentic self. 

At AYULA we offer a heavenly holistic vegetarian menu based on Hippocrates philosophy >>let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.<< In this manner you can leave your former physical self behind and leave AYULA with a rejuvenated, detoxed, nurtured and restored body. Eat yourself beautiful with our daily superfood. 

Our dedicated staff will will assist you and facilitate any plans you may have.



AYULA is a rare and exceptionally beautiful and precious flower, of magnificent shape, smell and form. It radiates its inner and outer beauty to its surroundings. They say that once you see one you will never forget it and it will never forget you. It is not commonly found and therefore highly protected. AYULA flowers blossom extensively in a nourishing environment. 


>> In Sanskrit AYU means the ‘ETERNAL LIFE and LA means the ‘act of giving’.

The notion of LA also translates as EXALTED - SOUL - SPIRIT or LIFE FORCE - the essential support of the physical and mental constitution of the person.

In relation to the concept of the soul, the term LA also has the common meaning of “above” or “high”.<<

(Source : Prisoners of Shangri-La: Tibetan Buddhism and the West by Donald S Lopez)




All of our rooms have an ensuite bathroom and are cleaned daily.



AYULA Breakfast


Enjoy AYULA's signature breakfast designed to enhance your wellbeing, whether you wish to detox, rejuvenate, lose or gain weight. We offer delicious vegetarian meals prepared with fresh produce to meet your needs. 

Daily Housekeeping


A housekeeper will look after your rooms and the premises on a daily basis.



Retreat and relax in our lush garden and read a book in one of the hanging chairs or the hammock.

AYULA Dining Service


A choice of dinner or lunch will be prepared for you by our chef. Eat yourself beautiful is our philosophy at AYULA. Selected plants ans herbs are prepared to give your cells and metabolism the extra boost they need to rejuvenate, detox and attain your desired weight.



Cool off in the pool on a hot day. Or just work on your tan with your favorite book and music by the poolside. The pool is shared with a lovely neighboring couple. Even though you have it to yourself most of the time the quietness should be respected. 

Free Wifi


Enjoy free wifi all around the house





SOUND Healing


An one-of-a-lifetime experience, at the Pyramids of Chi, which are in short walking distance from AYULA .

Water Temple Blessing


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Ascend to Mount Angus 


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Sari Rice field walk


Take a walk through Ubud's magical rice fields early in the morning or before sunset and discover local artisans and secret hideaways such as Sari Organic along the way

AYULA essential massage


Have AYULA's massage therapist take you to heaven ...

Horse Riding 


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“I' am still in awe of this truly magical experience at AYULA. One immerses in beauty all around - from the lush gardens, the stunning views, the beautiful staff and the delicious food created to beautify your body inside out. I looked and felt completely rejuvenated and am still feeding off this energetic boost now that I am back at my job & NY city life."


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